Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today he's 3 months

Before you have kids is a blog about all the things you don't think about or know before you have kids. Hence the name. It's funny because although you know your life will significantly change after the birth of this child, you are still amazed at the difference your existence takes on post baby. You think differently, you act differently, you even believe different things. Who is this person who now resides in my body and mind, you ask yourself. And despite the obvious change in you, the feeling of love and complete satisfaction with your new role is so fulfilling its indescribable.

So this blog will address all that takes place as I venture further into motherhood and watch my baby boy take shape in the world.

Before you have kids you don't understand when people say, "these kids grow up so fast!" You think, these idiots are so silly. Why would they want their children not to grow up. Then you have your own child and realize you're now one of those parents who want to keep the memory of your pregnancy, labor, birth, and the initial joy of learning about baby alive forever. So today on Adam's 3 month birth day I ask myself, what next? Will he be walking and talking, ready to go off to Harvard before I even realize what happened to the last 18 years of my life. I wonder about this thing. As I look in his eyes now and he stares back up at me, cooing and sucking on his hand I almost shed a tear, thinking how is this possible to be so enamored with this person. But alas I do have these 18 years to figure this out.

Next on my agenda, before you have kids you never think about when to do things like introduce cereal into baby's diet and whether or not you should breastfeed. But once that kid is on the way you've got some decisions to make. So right now I'm on the breastfeeding track. I've done my research and found breast is best. And this kid has already doubled his birth weight! So next step is figuring out when to add in cereal. The masses (aka family) are ready to stuff baby full of synthetically derived formula and rice cereal with all the extra additives. But me, I think it best to delay the introduction of genetically altered, hormone injected, processed American foods. We'll see.

Well that's all today folks. I hope my rantings can be of benefit to some other new mom out there. As we try to find our way separating fact from fiction, and tuning in to our maternal instinct, let's help each other be the best moms we can be.

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