Monday, February 8, 2010

Car seat!!

Before you have kids you have no idea what all those parents out there are going through as they load those precious children into car seats only to have them cry bloody murder the entire trip. Yes, I'm talking about the traumatizing experience of having your eardrums molested by the unwavering screams of your baby as you drive mentally and emotionally paralyzed trying to race to your destination. For instance, the other day baby cried for 40 minutes as I sat in bumper to bumper traffic due to an accident on the highway. I was only 10 minutes from home but couldn't get there fast enough. By the time I got home my brain was fried. When my husband arrived after work, I was still so frazzled I could barely talk; I was on the verge of crying. It seems to me that after all these years someone somewhere must be able to invent a car seat that youngsters will like. Well, maybe now that all those scientists at NASA will be unemployed they can put their minds to work on this most important task. Please I beg of you!!


A new mother desperate for a scream free road trip

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