Friday, February 5, 2010

Can't leave baby!!?!

So today I left baby with my sister to make a well needed visit to the hair salon; and can I tell you from the minute I left the house it was a mad dash to get back to baby as fast as possible. Though my intellectual brain knows better, it's like a primitive part of you can't bear the thought of leaving baby with anyone. So as I proceeded to drive Miami style across town I felt no shame about cutting people off and racing to make those yellow lights (because everybody in Miami knows yellow light means go faster quick!) And even after I arrived at my destination I was only too happy to make my presence known in order for the hairdresser to realize I was there and meant business. Once I was beautified I raced back home to hug and kiss my baby. Mission completed!

PS- what will I do when I go back to work??? :(

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